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16 takfiri fanatics booked for disrupting Chehlum rally in Punjab

Kharian Saddar police of Punjab province’s district Gujrat on Sunday booked at least 16 takfiri nasbi fanatics including a cleric, for attempting to disrupt a religious procession of mourning (azadari) that the Shia Muslims were observing on the anniversary of the Chehlum of Karbala’s Martyrs at Dhoriya village.


Reports said after a religious congregation to mourn the Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala, a procession was taken out in the village which was attacked by scores of takfiri nasbi fanatics of the proscribed ASWJ/LeJ including the cleric of the village mosque. However, police and locals averted the clash despite the provocative hate-speeches of the takfiri cleric.

Later on, police lodged a case against 16 nominated takfiri fanatics under sections 341, 147 and 148 of Pakistan Penal Code as well as 16 MPO and Loudspeaker Act on the report of a police official. No arrests have been made so far.


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