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MQM lodges FIR against Lal Masjid’s takfiri Deobandi cleric Abdul Aziz

A first information report (FIR) was lodged against takfiri Deobandi cleric Abdul Aziz of Islamabad’s Lal Masjid by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for his and his supporters’ threats to MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain, terrorism, provocation and cyber crime on Sunday.


This is the second FIR against the Lal Masjid cleric in a span of two days, the earlier one was filed by civil society activists in Islamabad.
Slamming Aziz’s video message where he threatened the MQM chief, its Rabita Commitee leaders said that those running away in burqas (veil) must not threaten Altaf Hussain who is the leader of millions of Pakistanis.

On Sunday, a large number of MQM leaders including MPAs, MNAs, Senators, and workers reached the Azizabad police station to lodge the case against Burqa-cleric.

The case against the takfiri Deobandi cleric was lodged by Advocate Arif Khan. The complainant submitted as proof the video message as well as the written document where in the Lal Masjid cleric threatened Altaf. MQM also held a protest outside the Karachi Press Club.

Altaf Hussain and his MQM terms the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) as Masjid-e-Zarrar, the mosque in Medina that was declared harmful for Muslims because hypocrites used the mosque to plot against the Muslims hence came its destruction at the hands of Muslims on the orders of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), last apostle and Prophet of God.

MQM says Lal Masjid play the role of Masjid-e-Zarrar in Islamabad by siding with the ferocious takfiri terrorists. MQM leaders also cited many examples of attacks on mosques by the takfiri terrorists of Taliban, ASWJ, LeJ and other allied takfiris across Pakistan. MQM asked why the takfiris attack worshippers in mosques, Imam Bargahs, temples, churches and other sacred places if they deem it inappropriate to attack Lal Masjid.


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