Down with USA banners removed due to banned sectarian outfit’s rally

iso  Huge banners inscribed with the slogans “Down with U.S.” were removed at M.A. Jinnah Road because a banned sectarian outfit is taking out a rally on Monday.
 Sipah-e-Sahaba who the government has already banned on the charges of terrorism is allowed to stage rally on M.A. Jinnah Road where a student organization had hoisted banners.
The banners were on display to mark solidarity with oppressed Palestinians on 64th anniversary of proclamation of Zionist Israeli state and subsequent hundreds of thousands of forced migration of Palestinians.  
It is interesting to add here that the banned terrorist outfit was made part of Defence of Pakistan Council and banned out fit’s chief make speeches against the U.S.
But, removal of the banners proved that they befool people and their supporters through empty speeches.
All pro-Palestine organisations and leaders have condemned the government, administration and the banned terrorist outfit for their covert alliance against the just Palestine cause.
They said that cat was out of bag on Monday and this act has exposed that covert alliance of pro-Zionist groups


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