Shia parties and leaders demand immediate release of Allama Nasir Abbas

shiitenews quran o ahlabit Shia parties, leaders and notables have demanded of the government to order for immediate release of Allama Nasir Abbasi, an eminent religious speaker who was arrested in Lahore.
Shia parties, leaders and notables held meetings in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and other parts of the country. Matami anjumans representatives also attended the meetings.
They said that arrest of Shia religious speaker was a conspiracy that would not be tolerated. They said that it is legitimate inalienable right of Shia Muslims to lead their lives according to Shia interpretation of Islam.

They said that banned terrorist outfits are free to do whatever they deem fit in their interests. They said that Pakistan was held hostage by these banned terrorist outfits. They said that Shia Muslims were being pushed to the wall at the behest of banned terrorist groups.


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