Taliban claim responsibility for Shia lawyer’s murder and Bajaur attack

Notorious takfiri nasbi Deobandi terrorist outfit Taliban on Tuesday claimed responsibility for attacks on security forces in Bajaur tribal region and Shia Muslims in Rawalpindi.


Spokesperson for the outlawed takfiri Deobandi Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) Pakistan, Muhammad Khorasani, claimed responsibility for the attack and said the TTP fighters “killed six soldiers including a captain.”

“We lost only one fighter,” Khorasani said talking to media via his Afghan mobile number.

Officials say that most of the takfiri militants had fled to Afghanistan and now operate from the border region.

“The fighting continued since morning until afternoon.” the TTP spokesperson had said.

Bajaur had once been a stronghold of the takfiri Deobandi Taliban militants and the security forces cleared most the areas from the militants during the 2008 operation. However, militants are believed to be hiding in some of the rugged mountains, who carry out attacks on the forces.

Security sources said clashes in Bajaur left at least 3 soldiers martyred and sent 7 takfiri militants to hell on Monday. A group of heavily armed takfiri Deobandi militants, hiding in the mountains, fired at the security forces during a search operation in Salarzai area, bordering Afghanistan. The security forces launched a counter attack and killed seven takfiris, the security officials confirmed.A captain was among the three security personnel who died in the attack while two others were injured. On Monday, the security forces launched a search operation in Banda area of Bajaur where the clash took place.

Khorasani also claimed responsibility for a recent terrorist attack in Rawalpindi.
Police in Rawalpindi say that 3 Shia Muslims were shot late Friday after they were returning home from a religious gathering.

A police officer Abdul Razaq said that gunmen fired at Shia lawyer Fayyaz Hussain Shah, 40, and his nephews Mir Ghazi Shah, 20 and Mir Hamza Shah, 22, as they reached their home.

He further said Shah was active in his Shia community and was also a local leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. It is also shocking point that PTI leaders including Chairman Imran Khan has not given any call of protest against targeted murder of PTI’s Shia leader.



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