An Imam Bargah attacked in district Lodhran Punjab

alam mola abbasNasbi terrorists attacked an Imam Bargah in district Lodhran of Punjab province where they violated the sanctities in the Imam Bargah and grabbed the land of Imam Bargah.
The terrorists belonging to the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba attacked Rafiq Shah Bukhari Imam Bargah that is called Darbar Rafiq Shah Bukhari. They broke alam pak there and violated the sanctity of Imam Bargah.

It is learnt that the plot of the Imam Bargah was allocated for Imam Bargah by a Hindu who had a great love for Imam Hussain (AS). However, wahhabis had occupied the land of Imam Bargah and surroundings for their mosque. The terrorists who attacked Imam Bargah have a control over the mosque that is built on grabbed land.

Reports had it that the police had registered a case of attack on Imam Bargah but no further action was taken so far.

Reason behind lack of action against the terrorists is the fact that banned terrorist outfit has a nexus with some powerful individuals in Punjab government.


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