Jhang: hearing on appeal against death sentence for two Shia youths on June 14

arest two shiaThe hearing of review petition against death sentence for two Shia youths will be held on June 14. Both of them were nominated in false cases.
liaquat Jafri was 16 years old some 19 years ago when he was wrongly booked, held and imprisoned in the case of murder of Molvi Mukhtar Sial. Mukhtar Sial was making speeches against the Ahl-e-Bait (Peace Be upon Them).

The nasbi wahhabi elements colluded with the investigators and misled the courts and finally got death sentence for Liaquat Jafri.

Another Shia youth Ishaq Ashar Kazmi was also pronounced death sentence in same case 16 years ago. After a long delay of 19 and 16 years respectively, a date June 16 has been set to hear the appeal against the death sentence.

Shiite News Team prays for acquittal and release of innocent Shia youths and appeals to all to pray for this cause.


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