Shia Muslims to continue protest against Shikarpur massacre on Friday

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has announced on Wednesday that Friday 6th February will be observed as a day of mourning and protest against the suicide bombing in Karbala Moalla Imam Bargah Lakhi Dar Shikarpur that left 61 Shia Muslims martyred and several injured.


“Federal Government and Provincial Governments have not withdrawn official protocol being accorded in the name of security to banned takfiri terrorist outfits in Sindh and rest of the country,” Allama Mukhtar Imami, MWM Sindh chapter’s secretary general said speaking at hurriedly called meeting of his cabinet. Wahdat Youth’s Fazal Abbas and MWM’s central cabinet official Yaqoob Hussaini, Shafqat Langah, Alam Karbalai, Asif Safavi and Nasir Hussaini also attended the meeting.

Allama Imami said that despite security threat to Shia Muslims, governments at the Centre and in Provinces, failed to provide them with foolproof security but on the other hand, the security officials have been assigned to protect the terrorists of outlawed outfits.

“Is this not a criminal joke? Who the Governments want to hoodwink? Outfits are banned because of their terrorism and ringleaders are given security? We are told that government lacks cops and cannot provide security to Shia mosques and Imam Bargahs as well as scholars and notables despite security threats,” he said.

The MWM Sindh’s top official said that federal and provincial governments should not shed crocodile’s tears on human losses because terrorist outfits continue their terrorist-related activities under official protocol. Hence, he said, Shia Muslims would continue their protest on Friday.


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