Chilas Tragedy: Video containing brutal massacre of Shia Muslims made public

chalasA video containing the brutal massacre of Shia Muslims in Chilas by ferocious nasbi terrorists was made public. In this video, dozens of terrorists are seen laughing while they fired upon innocent Shias.

The terrorists also raised slogans such as Shia Kafir and joked with each other while killing innocent Shia Muslims.

The massacre occurred on April 3 when, the terrorists stopped six buses, alighted Shia passengers from them, lined them up and opened fires upon them. They also stoned many of them to death. They pushed many in the river. Even some buses were torched while passengers were sitting inside.

All these scenes are contained in the video. Government writ was not seen anywhere but terrorists were seen perpetrating the inhuman crime. This video is helpful in identifying the terrorists. However, it remains to be seen how the law enforcement agencies and the government do their jobs to punish the terrorists.

A link of the video is being reproduced in the following for our readers. There, they can watch it:


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