Campaign against terrorist Deobandi seminaries going nowhere

Three months after the unveiling of the National Action Plan (NAP) and more than two months after Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan’s disclosure that perhaps 10 per cent of all madressahs were involved in terrorism, it appears that no government agency is ready to own the drive to identify these seminaries.


This was the gist of a report filed by DAWN Islamabad reporter Kalbe Ali. But neither the government nor the diligent reporter identified which seminaries were involved in terrorism. They should have made it clear that these seminaries were run by Wahhabis-allied Deobandi clerics. They are the Deobandis allied with Saudi monarchy that promoted intolerant anti-humanity and anti-Islam ideology of Wahhabism. And their marriage of convenience gave birth to Taliban and al-Qaida. Saudi monarchy is an ally of the pro-Israel U.S.

Anyway, they didn’t identify these connections. But Kalbe Ali reported:

“While the relevant officials in National Counter Terrorism Authority (Nacta) and the interior ministry declined to comment on the issue officially, a senior Nacta official told Dawn off the record that the Ministry of Religious Affairs was the lead coordination agency for this effort.

“Similarly, an official from the interior ministry, who too was only willing to comment on condition of anonymity, said that the interior secretary had asked the religious affairs secretary to coordinate with seminaries over three matters.

“These three matters are source of financing and especially foreign funding, madressah registration and monitoring,” he added.

“Whether or not the government is willing to acknowledge this officially, it cannot be denied that on the face of it, the only government department which has been involved in negotiating with the seminaries publicly is the religious affairs department.”

It is relevant to add here that Gulf monarchies led by Saudis fund the said seminaries and recently a federal minister of pro-Saudi Nawaz Sharif government publicly said so. Hence, Pakistanis would never get rid of this menace because of Saudi-U.S. alliance and because of Deobandis-Wahhabis alliance. Saudis are middleman between Pakistani terrorists and CIA and the latter is link between Pakistani terrorists and Mossad.


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