Fourteenth martyrdom anniversary of martyr Mehram Ali being observed today

shiitenews shaheed muhram aFourteenth martyrdom anniversary of martyr Mehram Ali is being observed in all over Pakistan on Saturday. Condolence congregations are being held to commemorate the martyrdom.
Mehram Ali was a great Mujahid of Islam. He was a close friend of martyr Dr. Mohammad Ali Naqvi.

He was implicated in a false case in which he was awarded death sentence. Despite the fact that genocide of Shia Muslims is conducted freely in Pakistan, Mehram Ali was punished for the killing of a mastermind of terrorism who had provoked people for genocide of Shias.

Mehram Ali was a true follower of Islam. He has a pious soul in his body. He never bowed to the forces of tyranny and oppression. He believed in just reaction to unjust action of enemies of Islam and Muslims.

He had loved very much the leaders of Islam and also acted upon their teachings. He was proud to be a brave son of Islam. He knew he would be punished but he did not deviate from the true path of Islam.


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