Imamia Students Organisation’s President welcomes all parties who want to join Quds Rally

ather imranPresident of Imamia Students Organisaton Imran Athar has welcomed all those who want to join ISO-organised International Quds Day rallies in all over Pakistan.
In an interview, Athar Imran brushed aside the impression that Quds Day rally is ISO-specific event. He said that it is correct that the ISO was the organisation that said yes to the call of Imam Khomeini for observance of international Quds day.

But, he added, gradually, almost all the Shia organisations started participating in Quds Day rallies. And now, all organisations participate in the International Quds Day rally.

He said he would welcome if Milli Yakjehti Council observe Quds day. He said that the ISO believes in unity of Muslims therefore participation of the MYC will help strengthen that unity on the eve of Quds Day.

To a question, he said, ISO was not scared of terrorists who had targeted innocent Shias in Quds Day rally in Quetta. He said that people of Quetta defied terrorists and continues to stage Quds Day rally as usual next year. He said that all Pakistanis are bracing for Quds Day rallies.

Answering another question, he said, Hezbollah and Hamas are resisting to the Israeli forces and Syria and Iran are the only two states who support the legitimate resistance in letter and spirit. He said that conspiracies against Syria and Iran are tantamount to punish them for their support to oppressed Palestinians. He said that Quds Day is a sign and symbol of support to the Palestinians and their supporters.


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