Twenty eight innocent Shias arrested in Chiniot

giraftarAt least twenty eight Shia Muslims have so far been arrested in Chiniot due to pressure of nasbi takfiri terrorist group, reports gathered here on Thursday said.
Tension prevailed in Chiniot since the visit of known terrorist of banned terrorist group Sipah-e- Sahaba/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Leaders of Shiite organisations have warned the government and police higher authorities to release all the arrested Shiites forthwith.

They said that Shias would surround the police station and headquarter to stage a sit-in till the release of the arrested people. They also demanded withdrawal of all cases against innocent Shias of Chiniot.

On the other hand, banned takfiri group, staged a sit-in outside police station to mount pressure on the police for release of the members of their terrorist group. More than 60 of their members were taken into custody.

:p>Over a dozen militants forced 20 passengers majority of them were Shia Muslims, off four buses and shot them at point blank range in the Mansehra district ten days a week ago, breaking the fragile peace in the region and marking the third such incident in six months for killing Shia Passengers.


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