Altaf Hussain felicitates Parliament resolution on Yemen

Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain welcomes the joint resolution of parliament on Yemen-Saudi conflict and Pakistan’s role to remain neutral in the conflict between two Muslim countries.
MQM Chief said Pakistan’s decision of not being party in ongoing war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia is good and would have positive consequences for Muslim Ummah and the region.
He said that the unanimous resolution carried an appeal for the role of Muslim Ummah and United Nation and it would have better result.
The MQM Chief said that there should be some positive negotiations and dialogues to resolve the Saudi-Yemen conflict. He said that the Muslim Ummah and world would utilize all the energy to defuse the ongoing war-like situation between two Muslim countries.
its pertaining to mention here that despite the immense pressure from the Kingdom of Saudia and other allied countries on pakistan to provide Army, drones, Ships in support of their strike on Yemen the joint session of Pakistan parliament let down the Saudi demand and decided to remain neutral and play mediator role to resolve the crises.


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