Taliban may hit Chinese in country ahead of Chinese President’s visit to Islamabad

Peshawar- National Crises Management Cell (NCMC) has issued fresh alerts about the new terrorists attack by takfiri terrorists that may damage the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

The cell has warned the government that Taliban may carry out fresh terrorists’ attacks ahead of the Chinese President’s visit to Islamabad. According to the report, issued by the NCMC, Taliban is planning to target Chinese people, experts and diplomats and their property in Pakistan to hurt the Pak-China diplomatic relations. The report suggests the law enforcement agencies to take proper security measures especially for the protection of Chinese people to halt any untoward situation. The cell has sent copies of the report to different government departments. The reports added that in only Peshawar around 200 Chinese experts were working on different development projects, which needs proper protection.

 It is pertinent to mention here that around 70000 people have been killed in different kinds of terrorists’ attacks in various parts of the country. Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, ASWJ, and many others are responsible for these heinous crimes.  


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