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Steps taken to enforce Yemen embargo , Pakistan FO

The Fore­ign Office said that Pakistan had taken steps to comply with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution calling for restrictions and arms embargo on Yemeni militias.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today issued SRO. 324(I)/ 2015 in exercise of the powers conferred by section 2 of the United Nations (Security Council) Act, 1948 (XIV of 1948) to implement assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo and other related obligations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the UN Security Council Resolutions on Yemen,” FO spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said in a statement.

The notification came a day after a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was informed that Islamabad’s readiness to help Saudi Arabia enforce the UN arms embargo had been communicated to Riyadh.

The government is also mulling plans to dispatch navy ships for enforcing the embargo to appease Saudi monarchy that would involve the inspection of Yemen-bound ships suspected of carrying weapons for Houthi militia and forces loyal to former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“Pakistan will take all measures to fully implement the provisions of the United Nations Security Council resolutions 2140(2014), 2204(2015) and 2216 (2015) on the situation in Yemen in line with its international obligations,” the spokesperson said.


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