Wahhabi terrorists shot dead another Sunni-Barelvi teacher of Karachi University

KARACHI – Wahhabi terrorists on Wednesday shot dead a Sunni-Barelvi teacher of University of Karachi (KU) in Federal B area.

Dr Syed Wahidur Rahman, alias Yasir Rizvi, was killed when four unidentified attackers riding two motorcycles opened fire on his car.

After the murder of Karachi University dean of Islamic Studies Prof Dr Shakeel Auj, this was the second murder of a Sunni-Barelvi teacher. The slain teachers was famous for denouncing the heinous crimes of Wahhabist Jihadists in his lectures. Some close associates of Dr Rahman told Shiite News that the slain teacher had mentioned many times that he could be murdered because of his name, Yasir Rizvi, which showed that he was Shia. It is learned that after the murder of Prof Dr Shakeel Auj, Dr Rahman was supporting the grieved family of the slain professor in term of seeking justice in the murder case.

Police surgeon Dr Jalil Qadir said Dr Rahman received five bullets wounds on his face, neck, chest, abdomen and arm while police reportedly recovered eight bullet cases from the site. The assailants managed to flee the scene soon after the attack.

Dr Rahman’s body was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in Karachi. In the wake of Dr Rehman’s death, university activities have been suspended for two days.

It is also worth mentioning that Police in Jan 2015 had claimed the arrest of a suspect who had allegedly confessed to his involvement in the murders of Karachi University dean of Islamic Studies Prof Dr Shakeel Auj and Prof Syed Sibte Jafar.

Earlier this month, the vice-principal of the Jinnah Medical and Dental College’s student affairs wing Debra Lobo was shot and seriously injured on Shaheed-e-Millat Road in Karachi.


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