Fear of ISIS emergence heighten in Pakistan

The international media has reported about the emergence of the ill famous terrorist organisation Islamic State on Pak-Afghan boarders.

According to reports, some militants with the flags of ISIS have been seen getting arm training in Pak-Afghan boarders. Experts are of the view that these militants are former Taliban fighters who have gone under the flag of ISIS. Earlier these militants had got training in Ustad Yasir camp in Luger province. Some pictures show that these militants are using sophisticated heavy weapons. According to American Fox News, this group is being run under Saad Bin Waqas Front but it cannot be said that how much this group is close to the leadership of Syrian and Iraqi ISIS.

As per the expert of global intelligence stratfor, Scott Stewart, the grabbed pictures reveal that the terrorist are former Taliban who prefer to join ISIS than Al Qaeda. It is pertinent to mention here that ISIS has already hinted that it will influence the Deobandi and Wahabi militants in Pakistan. Pakistani security forces are working day and night to keep Pakistan away from the influence of ISIS, which is famous for killing people with brutality.



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