Mulana Mufti Naeem deserves legal punishment for insulting Hazrat Ali (A.S.)

A strong public reaction against the decree of Wahhabi Mulana Mufti Naeem of Banori Town Seminary that “Hazrat Ali (A.S.) was not born in Ka’aba (Haramain)” was poured in the social media.

The social media activists, belonging to the Shia and Sunni community, have demanded the government to file an FIR against Mufti Naeem and his associates who issued this decree creating the unwanted confusion about the historical fact of the birthplace of Hazrat Ali.


It is worth mentioning that this controversial decree was issued on those days when the 13th of Rajab (an Islamic date) is being marked as a birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali (A.S.). After the great prophet (pbuh), Hazrat Ali is considered the greatest personality of Islamic history, and also known as Maulood-e-Kaaba.

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The Wahhabi controversial Mufti and his associates renewed this decree on May 5, 2015 on their official website. The Wahhabi takfiri Mufti and his committee are of the view that Hazrat Ali (A.S.) was not born in Ka’aba, his birthplace was Shabi Abitalib. Mufti Naeem and his religious seminary, namely Banori Town is ill-famous for having feelings of animosity against Shia and Sunni sects; they believe that Wahhabism is the only right way of Islam and others are wrong and their followers deserve for death punishment.

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This is the same idea of extremism, which is being followed by militants of ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), Jundullah etc. It may be noted here that Saudi Arabia is considered one of the leading countries spreading Wahhabism in the world, especially in Muslims countries. Saudi kingdom thinks that the promotion of Wahhabism may extend the days of their kingdom, which is against the true ideas of Islam.

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The followers of nearly all Muslim sects believe that Hazrat Ali (A.S.) was born in Ka’aba. He was a supernatural being who did no sooner place his feet on this earth than did he commence to assist the Prophet in the proclamation of religion of the truth, and the Almighty God. It was that great personality who for the first time, prior to all others, pledged his faith at the divine hands of the Prophet of Islam. It was the same person of Ali (A.S.) that supported the cause of Islam at the earliest moment when no other person altogether had support it for the same.



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