Anti-Pakistan Mufti Naeem declares Quaid-e-Azam was an Infidel

The Saudi funded Takfiri Mullah who claimed himself Mufti known as Mufti Naeem Of Jamia Binoria, in his another decree termed that the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was an infidel because he belongs to Shiite Muslim School of thought.

The ShiiteNews Monitoring team obtained this controversial decree (FATWA) Of this Saudi-US funded Wahabi Mullah (Mufti Naeem) from his seminary website.

We bring to you in this article one of Mulla Naeems LUNAVERSITY’S example which will prove evident of what we have mentioned above. QUAID-E-AZAM Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an INFIDEL, states the lunaversity’s decree in the past. We have managed to obtain a copy of this decree which we present to you below:

In a reply to a question regarding Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the tribunal chaired by Mufti naeem stated that Shias to include Jinnah are Infidels period. When cross questioned he iterated that as Jinnah belonged to Shiite Sect and there remains only few shias that come under Islams Umbrella though they still will be considered heretics. He went to state that most sects of shias are infidel and have nothing to do with islam. He said that is not aware of Jinnah’s faith, but realizing that Jinnah’s funeral was offered by Mufti Taqi Usmani, it makes Jinnah Sunni Deobandi.

As evident from the above the teaching offered by the Lunaversity would leave a client in dismay and disdain. Can a decree be this ambiguous? I was told that a decree holds grounds backed by Quran and Sunnah and not par ones views.

Father Of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid-e-Azam was Asna Ashri Shia. It is a fact that Taqi Usmai offered his funeral, but it is annulled that prior this funeral another procession was offered by Maulana Syed Anis ul Hasan. If Jinnah was a Sunni Deobandi why was his funeral offered by a Shia Maulana. We await Mulla Naeem and Lunaversities answer.

Mufti Naeems (GODFORBID) Slander on Maula Ali (AS)

Whose Infidel?

It remains essential to know what an infidel is. An indifel against Islamic Jurisprudence is one who doesn’t believe Allah (SWT) or brings in his partners. Secondly one should believe in HIS prophet Muhammad (SAWWS) as his last and only prophet. The two remain mandatory for any believer for absence of one will make him an INFIDEL.

Shia and its Sects

Shias believe remain fundamental in the two aforementioned and further in the light of the same believe in the system of Wilayah. It is same as believing in the Caliphate after demise of Muhammad (SAWWS). Other sect of Shias though derailed from system of Wilayah are Bohris, Ismailis and Zaidis, remain staunch of the aforementioned two fundamentals of Islam whereby they as well cannot be termed as infidels.


It is to be noted that enemies of Islam against a conspiracy declared Nusairis as Shias, whereas Shias as well consider Nusairis Infidels as they consider Ali (AS) as Lord. Nusairis are not to be considered shias but infidels with no relation to any sect of Shia.

In the light of the above, we would suggest Musti Naeem and Co. to enhance their colleagues knowledge prior shoving out decrees par choice, as they are not only negligent of varied sects of islam but of their own. One the other hand we request the Government and Security Officials to take notice of these elements being true enemy of the state, lashing out acrimony between the nation through decrees, declarations and hate speeches. It is due these events that suicide bombers, lulled by paradise in heavens through killing infidels, explode themselves in Schools, Hospitals, Mosques, Churches, Forces Premises etc. Imagine the Sharia they talk of and its implementation through force. We request a full fledged operation against such elements which are not only against national interest but as well enemies of Islam.

We have plenty more of these decrees issued by Mullah Naeem and Co. through his Lunaversity which we shall make public soon.

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It is in the advent that Pervez Rahid in the recent past mentioned to state that Madrassas as such (Banoria Town) are considered to be University of Lunatics (LUNAVERSITY). These lunaversities are around us not only manipulate religion by twisting varied meanings but as well bring in new forms and values in the name of MONOTHEISM.

This particular Saudi-Funded Mulla, his school of thought and his institutions have gone not only against the innate values of Islam but as well were against the creation of an Islamic nation – Pakistan. Evidences of the same will be provided in future articles showing their allegiance to Congress-India till date and their support towards their viewpoint.



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