Pakistan’s FBR started Deobandisation of Custom

The Deobandization ( Takfiri-Islam ) of Pakistan customs started on the directives of Federal Board Of Revenue (FBR) Pakistan by organizing the lecture of Deobandi preacher Mullah Tariq Jameel at Pakistan custom auditorium at Karachi held on Monday, 18th May 2015.

The FBR named the lecture as a motivational lecture by a Deobandi religious scholar Mullah Tariq Jameel for customs officers at the auditorium of the directorate general of training and research in Customs House.

Renowned Deobandi religious scholar Mullah Tariq Jameel delivered the lecture on ‘Morality and Ethics and Public Service Delivery’, organised by the Federal Board of Revenue to penetrate the Saudi brand of Takfiri Islam in pakistan’s financial institutions.

In his early 60s and a member of the Tableeghi Jamaat that subscribes to the Deobandi school of thought, Maulana Jamil is a well-known orator.

The FBR had issued a communication (C.No: 152879/S (HRD)/2014) from Islamabad on May 14. It was addressed to all chief commissioners, chief collectors, and directors general so that they could inform their subordinate officers about the lecture.

A few customs officers, who had been in service for five to 15 years and with whom the reporter spoke, said that this was the first time such a lecture was organised by the customs here.

Responding to Dawn queries, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan chairperson Zohra Yusuf said that religion should not be introduced into state affairs.

She said the topic was relevant but she would have preferred if some technically qualified professional was invited to give the lecture. She said that morality and ethics should be linked to humanity and not to religion. She said that she would also have preferred if some professional relating to the field of the customs was called to lecture so that the customs officers would have sharpened their professional skills.

This, however, was not the first time that the government had invited Deobandi religious scholar to lecture government officials. Over a decade ago former chief minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim also used to arrange lectures of Mullah Tariq Jamil at CM House for the secretaries to the government, departmental heads and other high-ranking government officials during his tenure, remembered a former forests and environment secretary Shams-ul-Haq Memon while talking to Dawn.

He said that usually on Fridays after every two to three months officers were invited to CM House to listen to the lecture, offer prayers and then meet the chief minister.

Its pertaining to mention here that the majority of sectarian killers who killed their opponents sects and involved in the suicide blast and attacks on shiite Muslims, Sunni Beralvi’s ( Sufi’s ), Ismaili’s, Bohri’s , Christians, Sikh’s, Hindu’s, law Enforcement Agencies and Government officials were belongs from Deoband sect. All of them got the preliminary Islamic preaching from the Tableeghi Jamaat which represents Deoband school of thought.

However, today 18th May 2015 National Assembly session, Federal Defense Minister Khawaja Asif informed the house that about 800 seminaries out of 20,000 seminaries were involved in the terrorism in Pakistan.


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