Shia Man Mohammad Yaseen gunned down by Nasabi-Takfiri terrorists in Quetta

shia killingAnother Shia Muslim was gunned down by the Nasabi-Wahabi terrorists in Quetta Balochistan on Sunday at Nechari Road. 

Mohammad Yaseen son of Mohammad Yameen was martyred in the firing of Nasabi Wahabi militants of banned terrorist outfits of Lashkhar-e-Jhangvi and Taliban at Nechari Road Quetta. He belongs to Shiite Hazara Community of Quetta and residence of Zainabya Street of Nechari Road Quetta.

Shaheed Mohammad Yaseen was the motor mechanique. The enraged protestors staged sit-in protest outside the Balochistan High Court in Quetta along with the burial of Shaheed Mohammad Yaseen to condemn the role of Judiciary and Government over the genocide of Shiite Muslims in Balochistan.

About 14 Shiite Muslims were gunned down by the Nasabi-Wahabi militants in Quetta in month of September but not a single terrorist was detained by the Government and law enforcement agencies.


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