Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi case hearing deferred again

sipha e muhammed ghulam razThe court of Judge Shahid Hameed has not resumed the hearing of case of Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi, head of Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan on Tuesday.
The judge had set Tuesday for hearing of the case but he concluded the proceedings without hearing his case and preferred hearing other cases on Tuesday. He announced October 22 as next date of hearing.

Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi has spent some 16 years behind the bars so far. He has been acquitted in all but one case. For last six years, this one case hearing has been deferred time and again.

It is relevant to add here that in the term of judiciary justice delayed is considered justice denied. Justice is not being done to eminent Shia leader Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi. Pressure tactics were adopted to force him to confess the crimes he had never perpetrated.

On the one hand, Allama Ghulam Raza Naqvi is being denied justice and on the other, judiciary and Punjab government’s collusion resulted in the release of known terrorist of banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi/Sipah-e-Sahaba Malik Ishaq. Special hearings were held to release him.

Punjab government has provided 80 security guards to protect the life of the most wanted terrorist Malik Ishaq. Shiites have condemned the double standards of the judiciary and Punjab government. They called it a naked example of discrimination.


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