Allama Raja Nasir express concern on Govt conspiracies to fail National Action Plan

Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Secretary General AAllama Raja Nasir abbas Jafari said that government is deliberately making efforts to fail National Action Plan. Operation against banned outfits (which have already killed more than eighty thousand innocent human lives) in doldrums and this has made the prospects of this operation very bleak. 

Addressing an Iftar-Dinner held in honour of scholars, notables and MWM activists Of Islamabad at local Hall, Allama Raja Nasir said that Criminals involved in Peshawar carnage, Rawalpindi bomb blast, Shikarpur blast and other unlimited tragedies are still moving Scot-free and it is a proof that government that government has handed over the war against terrorism only for army and government themselves is paying lip-service on this front.

He said that 180 million people of Pakistan are confused on a question of why Nawaz-League is reluctant to curb terrorists and its facilitators. We demand that National Action Plan should be employed as an effective tool for eliminating terrorism Instead of making it a hollow slogan. At this time, sacrifices and services of army in war against terrorism are commendable. Shia nation and Pakistan armed forces suffered most of the damages in this prevailing terrorism in the country. Compensation of such damages is only possible when this war will continue until the elimination of last terrorist from the soil of Pakistan.

He added that it is required for implementing National Action Plan in real sense that along with crushing terrorist elements, their facilitators and patronizes should be dealt with iron hands who are providing assistance to these elements to succeed in their terrorist activities. For achieving their objective, Takfiri groups present in the country have put security and survival of this country at stake. If Army does not made decision to start operation against terrorism then every nook and corner of Pakistan are now presenting the scenes of Waziristan.

Government reluctance in taking a decisive decision against terrorists has proved that these incompetent rulers of this country do not have courage so that they can make bold decisions while considering national pride. Failed policies of usurper rulers have pushed our beloved homeland at the brink of destruction; because of this every individual of the nation is facing hardships. This government has given preference to those decisions which are against public interest and from which they can get personal and political benefits.


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