Agencies are free to do search operation in Sunni Masaajid and Madaaris: Dr. Ashraf Jalali

The leader of Tehreek e Sirat e Mustaqeem Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Jalali and Allama Shams uz Zama’n Qadri said, in a press conference, that agencies are free to do search operation in our Masaajid and Madaaris, whenever they want.

While talking to the press conference, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Jalali said that we do not have any issue with any of the religions including Sikhism, Hinduism and Christianity but we are against Qadyanis because they are proclaiming to be Muslims and making use of our Kalma. He demanded that a separate department with the name of “Anti Qadyaniyat” should be made on the lines of anti-terrorism department in order to keep an eye on Qadyanis’ anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan activities.

The leader of the Sirat e Mustaqeem said that what we have been saying for five years about Rana Sanaullah is similar to what Chauhadry Shair Ali has now said. He also said that we are not against the search operation in Madaaris but wherever arms and ammunition or terrorist are found, the name of that sect should also be mentioned. The name of Masjid or Madarsa should not be disparaged, we have always offered that security agencies can conduct search operation in our Masaajid and Madaaris whenever they want, Ahl e Sunnat have always been virtuous.

He also declared that Labaik Ya Rasul Allah (PBUH) Conference, that is going to be held on 18th October at Dhobi Ghat, will prove to be a milestone for the security of faith and the stability of Pakistan.


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