Case against takfiri nasbi elements for desecration of “alam”

allam mola abbasTakfiri nasbi elements of a village of district Jhang Punjab were booked for desecration of an alam pak that is hoisted to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrat Abbas Alamdar (AS).
The case was registered by police in Kot Shakir Jhang under section 295/C. The section is applied on blasphemy of last apostle and Prophet of God namely Hazrat Mohammad (SAWW). The takfiri elements also wrongly seek to apply this section against the Muslims.
Since takfiri elements declare Muslims as non-Muslims for difference of opinion and use takfiri remarks against them, cases have been registered in Islamabad and other parts of Punjab against the takfiri elements. Shia Muslim parties such as Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen and Shia Ulema Council have played a leading role in countering the takfiri elements through legal means. 


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