Bail request of Allama Ameen Shaheedi rejected in Fake case

Bail request of Allama Ameen Shaheedi, who has been nominated in the murder case of Jama’a Taleem ul Quran’s Mufti Amaan Ullah, has been nullified. According to reports, Allama Ameen Shaheedi, Ishtiaq Husain and Kalb e Abbas were nominated by banned notorious terrorists in the murder case of Mufti Aman Ullah on directives of PML-N led Nawaz Government directives, who was killed due to his personal rifts with the banned outfits , who wanted to take over the seminary of Mufti Aman Ullah after Ashura incident of Rawalpindi. 

Anti-terrorist court of Punjab government issued arrest warrants of all three accused on 1st August but Allama Ameen Shaheedi got his bail approved from the High Court whose time period was ended today on 27th August however, his request for increasing the bail was rejected due to his absence in the court. Sources told that Allama Ameen Shaheedi did not appear in the court due to his illness.

It should be clear that Mufti Aman Ullah, who was the alleged master mind of Ashura incident of Rawalpindi, was killed due to his personal enmity with banned outfits but leaders of banned ASWJ took advantage of the situation, declared it as a sectarian killing and lodged an F.I.R against the deputy secretary general of MWM Allama Ameen Shaheedi and few other Momineens on the directives of Nawaz-league to victimize the Shiite Muslims.

It should also be kept in mind that most of the leaders of the banned organization have been killed by their own friends and companions whose recent example is the report of Dawn news with regard to the murder of Shams Muawiyah in Lahore. It has been mentioned in the report that the reason behind Shams Muawiyah’s killing was the differences and conflicts between Lashkar e Jhangvi and banned Ahl e Sunnat wal Jama’at. (The terrorists also put the responsibility of that murder on Shia Muslims). Therefore, we request the court and government of Pakistan to carry out clear investigations of incidents, stop practicing their biased policies against Millat e Jafaria and take actions against real terrorists and murderers, to establish peace in the country.


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