Large cache of explosives, suicide vests recovered from bomb-making factory in Balochistan

Security Forces has conducted an intelligence based operation in Killa Abdullah on Wednesday evening, raining a bomb making factory and recovering a large cache of weapons and explosives.

A spokesperson for the Frontier Constabulary said that they had raided a bomb making factory in Rehman Khol area of Chaman, with assistance from the Balochistan Levies and intelligence agency officials.

During the raid they recovered explosives, suicide vests, anti-aircraft guns, IEDs, and rocket propelled grenades (RPG) along with equipment used to create bombs.

Weapons recovered during the raid include 21rockets, one submachine gun, one light machine gun with 250 rounds, 120 anti-personnel mines, four radios, 100 receivers, 20 remote controls, five bombs (primed), seven rolls of primer cord, four binoculars, five compasses, 120 bombs, three grenades, ball bearings, 20 timed-device, and three motorcycles.

“No arrest was made during the search operation,” the FC official said.

Meanwhile, FC also recovered the weapons and explosives which had been buried in Murgha Kibzai area of Zhob.

FC spokesman said in statement that the militants dumped the explosive materials and weapons under the floor in a compopund in Murgha kibzai.

“The arms were being used in terror activity in Balochistan,” the FC spokesperson added. The guns included 12 MM gun, eight IEDs, six mortars, a suicide jacket, four RPGs, seven fuses, six mortar fuses, bag of detonators, remotes and batteries.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) added that the operation was based on intelligence they had gathered.


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