Adherence and sacrifice of Pakistan’s security forces started in 1965 is still continued till Zarb e Azab: MWM

Karachi (Shiite News): MWM organized special events in order to pay homage to the martyrs of the country and to pray for country’s security and stability, on appeal of MWM’s central leadership. Quran Khuwani and Fatiha Khuwani was arranged at MWM’s central, provincial and district offices and a camp was set up at Numaish Chorangi by MWM Karachi division, on the occasion of 50th Defense Day, where people lit-up candles in order to pay tribute to the martyrs and visited the tomb of Quaid e Azam for fatiha khuwani. MWM’s secretary general Hassan Hashmi, MWM’s Deputy Secretary General Karachi Syed Raza Naqvi, Moulana Muhammad Ishaq Qraiti, Moulana Hameed Hussain Al-Hussaini, Moulana Mulazim Hussain Ghadiri, Moulana Ayub Sabri, Moulana Ali Tahiri, Moulana Malik Ghulam Abbas, Moulana Zamin Raja, Moulana Ishaq Muqadasi, Moulana Ashar Hussain Mutahiri, Moulana ahsan Danish, Moulana Sadiq Jafri, Allama Ali Anwar, Allama Mubashir Hasan, Zain Rizvi, Asif Safvi and many other MWM members and a large number of citizens were also present at the time. All of them lit-up candles to pay homage to the martyrs of 1965 war and also prayed for them.

MWM leader Ali Hussain Naqvi said, while talking to the media, that 6th September is the day for making a resolution for Pakistan’s security, stability and betterment and to fight against the enemies of the country. We will not let anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam forces to succeed in any of their agendas. Today, we salute to Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal and the martyrs of Pakistan. Brave soldiers of Pakistan army fought against India and failed it in its aims. Adherence and sacrifice of Pakistan’s armed forces that started in 1965 is still continued till Zarb e Azab. India’s continuous bombing along the LOC and the killing of innocent citizens will not decrease the morale of Pakistan’s armed forces and the nation. We should make a pledge, on this occasion of Defense Day, that we will place our country before ourselves and will fight against every enemy of Pakistan, be it external or internal. Allama Sadiq Jafri prayed for the country’s development and security and for the martyrs of 1965 war and for those who gave their lives in the war against terrorism.


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