I strongly condemn those who call Ali (As) as Allah or consider Him as a person like them,Ghazanfar Tonsvi

Allama Ghazanfar Abbas Tonsvi has rejected and denied the allegations on him for being a Nuseri or Ghaali and said that he consider the person who thinks Ali (as) is Allah as Mushrik (polytheist). He said “I consider Mola Ali (as) as a worshiper and devotee of Allah (swt) and I have multiple times repeated Mola Ali (as) saying in which He said that He is the disciple of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”.

Allama Ghazanfar Abbas Tonsvi alos said that he has been alleged for having believe that Ali (as) is Allah (swt) whereas I have said a thousand times in my majaalis that whoever thinks, believes or says Mola Ali (as) as Allah (swt) is a Mushrik (polytheist) in my view.

In a statement in the form of video recording, he said that I denounce every person who thinks that Hazrat Ali (as) is Allah(swt) or a person like him and I believe that Mola Ali (as) is Allah’s creature.



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