Four Blasts in Quetta after the NAP, 18 people died

Four Blasts in Quetta after the NAP, 18 people died

Three bomb blasts and a suicide attack in Quetta, after the NAP, killed 18 people and left 54 injured. The blasts revealed the reality of all security measure.

According to details, Baluchistan that has been engulfed in terrorism since more than a decade, where thousands of people died due to terrorist attacks, thousands got injured, where the most saddening incident of Army Public school took place on 16th December 2014. But the incident of Army Public School, on one hand, united the country’s political and military leadership on the same page and on the other hand, the nation also got united and supported both the political and military leadership. After the Peshawar incident, security force, in accordance with the NAP, started conducting operations in the entire country and they also yield quite positive results. In Baluchistan also, where the NAP provided many successes but at the same time 3 major blasts also took place in Quetta. The first blast took place on 24th December at Prince Road. The bomb was installed in a bicycle and resulted in the death of 4 people and 18 were injured. Second blast occurred at Qambrani road in an auto Rickshaw as a result of which 3 people were killed, including 1 FC official, and 13 were injured. The third major blast took place last night on the roof of a bus near Dukani Baba Chok and it caused the death of 11 people and 23 were injured. In addition to these blasts, a suicide attack also took place a day before Muharram when the guard of Railway Housing Societytried to stop a suicide bomber form entering into Hazara Town and he blew himself up and the guard was killed.

Last night’s blast revealed the reality of security measures and high officials’ meetings taking place every other day.


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