Jihadi and terrorist organizations active in earthquake affected areas despite the ban

Jihadi and terrorist organizations active in earthquake affected areas despite the ban

Thousands of volunteers of Jama’at ud Dawa, Hizb ul Tahreer, SIpah e Sahaba and other banned organizations reached the earthquake affected areas on Monday and have been active since then. This shows the disciplined way of working of these banned terrorist organizations and on the other hand this has also been an open violation of the NAP.

News agency Reuters wrote in a report that to allow Jama’at ud Dawa to work openly and freely is the clear violation of the United Nations’ sanctions and also shows the double policy of the government through which it is restricting the working of international NGOs in the country.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed had said last week that banned organizations would not be allowed to participate in relief works in earthquake affected areas but it was witnessed that thousands of volunteers of banned organizations reached the affected areas within few hours of the earthquake.

According to analysts, history is evident that Jihadi groups consider these types of situations as golden opportunities to hire new jihadis for their sinful activities and to collect millions of rupees in name of aid for relief works.

Pakistan that has been burning in fire of terrorism and has been trying hard to alienate jihadi groups and to end all their sources of financial support according to the NAP, the aid campaign by jihadi and banned organizations in name of earthquake affected people, at such sensitive time, could further strengthen them financially. Therefore, the government and military of Pakistan should immediately take measures to cope with this sensitive issue.


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