Zardari repudiated union with banned organizations

Zardari repudiated union with banned organizations

Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari has mastered the art of lying and he keeps giving its proof every now and then. A similar proof was recently given by him when he denied his party’s union with banned organizations made for Local Bodies elections and declared it as the personal act of some of his party members.


According to information, close associate of former President of Pakistan Qayyum Soomro had made a political alliance with the banned Sipah e Sahaba for LB elections. The results of that union were seen during the elections when terrorists of Pakistan Rah e Haq party emerged as peoples’ representatives just because of this alliance.


The alliance was also severely criticized within the liberal circles of the country and on social media and it not only damaged the liberal image of PPP but also weakened its position among common people. This compelled Asif Ali Zardari to change his decision and declare it as the personal act of some party members.

Even if it is believed that the decision was the personal act of a party member then did PPP take any action against Qayyum Soomro for violating PPP’s policy and damaging the party’s image? And not even the denial of alliance was immediately announced. This proves that Asif Ali Zardari’s recent statement was also a diplomatic move but people have become well aware of Zardari’s nature.




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