Chehlum of Imam Hussain (as): IG ordered to provide security according to the demand

Chehlum of Imam Hussain (as): IG ordered to provide security according to the demand

IG Punjab Police Mushtaq Ahmed Sakheera has ordered to provide security as much as needed for Chehlum of Imam Hussain (as) in all 36 districts of the province. According to the spokesperson of Punjab police, 46 thousand 963 officials of Punjab police will perform security of 554 processions and 987 majalis. Processions and majalis of the province are divided into A, B and C categories and 113 processions and 93 will be carried out in A category, 174 processions and 305 majalis in B and 267 processions and 589 majalis in C category.

The spokesperson of Punjab police further told that 39 companies or army are on stand-by in 20 districts that will present in many districts from 3rd to 5th December. 92 locations of the province have been declared sensitive. Security officials who will be deployed include 34 thousand and 134 police personnel, 10953 police national volunteers and 1876 special police’s officials. They include 228 gazetted officers, 547 inspectors, 1941 sun-inspectors, 2893 assistant sub-inspectors, 2379 head constables and 25,123 constables.

All field officers have been directed to follow security SOPs of Muharram ul Haram on Chehlum. Surprise barricades and search and sweep operation at all entry and exit points, important buildings, markets, bus terminals, banks and other sensitive locations of all cities, have also been directed. Search operation is also ordered to be carried out around all restaurants, hotels and hostels.


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