Joint statement issued at the end of ‘Heart of Asia’ Conference alleged to be favoring India’s stance

Joint statement issued at the end of ‘Heart of Asia’ Conference alleged to be favoring India’s stance

Shiite News: Despite Government of Pakistan’s encouragement of ‘Bi-lateral negotiations’ with India over Kashmir issue political parties have expressed concerns over the recent joint statement issued in this regard. Although political parties have welcomed both countries’ willingness to resolve all issues between the two countries through negotiations but they have also expressed concerns over the joint statement issued after the meeting of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Sooraj and PM’s Advisor for foreign issues Sartaj Aziz and regarded it to be reinforcing the India’s former stance.

PTI leader Shireen Mazari while talking on the point of order in National Assembly said “India’s concerns over Mumbai trial were clearly expressed in the statement but it does not say anything about Samjhota Express incident and resolution of Kashmir issue according to the UN resolutions”. She demanded that the difference between ‘joint’ and ‘comprehensive’ negotiations should be cleared and said that as far as she knew the term ‘joint negotiations’ was replace by a new term ‘comprehensive negotiations’ on India’s volition.

PTI’s leader also expressed her astonishment over the statement and asked whether it means that Pakistan has decided to leave several important issues, including the Kashmir problem? She also asked the PM to clarify the statement during the House’s proceeding.

Molana Fazl ur Rahman of Jamiat e Ulema e Islam (F) said that the government should clarify such statements because the joint statement did not elucidate real situation regarding negotiations. When Pakistan tried to raise Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions India declared it as a ‘bi-lateral issue’ and there is no need to use an International forum in this matter and when bi-lateral negotiations were started India declared Kashmir as its ‘integral part’. Molana Fazl ur Rahman then asked someone to clarify it to the house that what issues the government is going to discuss with India? Molana said that according to UN’s resolutions, no one can stop Pakistan to raise Kashmir issue on international level.

PTI’s leader Shafqat Mahmood said “Sartaj Aziz should have come here without waiting for our demands and should himself make the House aware of the results of ‘Heart of Asia’ conference”.

Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah criticized Prime Minister’s absence during Assembly’s session and denied discussing the Presidential statement until Nawaz Sharif’s presence in the hall.

He said “Whom should I address? Empty chairs of Ministers? I have decided not to start discussion upon the Presidential speech until Nawaz Sharif makes himself available in the Hall”.

Courtesy: Dawn.


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