Gilgit: Nawaz government’s Shia enmity, 13th October 2005’s case reopened, Aghan Rahat announced protest

Gilgit: Nawaz government’s Shia enmity, 13th October 2005’s case reopened, Aghan Rahat announced protest

Shiite News: During the first phase of protest against government’s decision of transferring 13th October 2005’s case to military court, the whole Shia community of Gilgit, upon orders of Qaid e Millat e Jafaria Gilgit Baltistan Agha Syed Rahat Hussain Al-Hussaini, chanted slogans of ‘Labaik Ya Hussain (as)’ from their rooftops at 7pm on Monday, in order to record their protest.

It was said that if government would not take its decision back then ‘Payyiah Jam’ strike would be announced and the Chief Minister would then be responsible for the situation. The purpose of the protest, it was stated, was to make the government use its wits and stop acting upon the ‘Balance policy’.

13th October 2005 was the day when Rangers presented the worst example of state terrorism and attacked Shias of Gilgit due to which 12 people were martyred including 2 women. Despite the fact that the attack was carried out by state institutions, cases were registered against Shias of Gilgit but since the cases were fake the court absolved all oppressed people, last week, due to unavailability of proofs against them. But the rulers could not accept their defeat and have now re-opened the case and transferred it to the military court and arrests have once again started. This was the reason that leader of Millat e Jafaria Gilgit Baltistan announced the protest. Slogans of ‘Labaik Ya Hussain (as)’ were chanted in the first phase of the remonstration. A strike would be called if the government would not reverse its decision and then the future plan would be announced.

It should be clear that on 8th June 2015 people of Gilgit Baltistan, deceived by the leaders, selected Muslim League-N’s representatives as their head and this re-opening of 2005’s case and arrests is the first gift of the Chief Minister to local Shias. The recently elected Muslim League-N’s Chief Minister Hafeez ur Rahman was formerly associated with outlawed organization Sipah e Sahaba.


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