Lahore: Terrorists attacked Minahj ul Hussain with hand grenade

Lahore: Terrorists attacked Minahj ul Hussain with hand grenade

Minahj Ul Hussain institute located in Johar Town area of Lahore has been attacked by a hand grenade. Sources told that 2 militants riding a bike attacked the institute with hand grenade after which they ran away. No injuries have been reported.

Police officials told that the cracker landed outside the wall due to which no major loss took place. Police reached the location, collected evidences and has started investigations. Molana Jafar Abbas, the spokesperson of Minahj ul Hussain (as), told that terrorists could not succeed in their evil aims due to security guards’ presence at the gate. They threw a hand grenade which landed outside the wall. Senior Police officials also visited the location and directed to arrest the criminals. Officials of Nawab town police station immediately started a search operation in the area during which 5 people were arrested on suspicion.

Militants had done wall chalking about Daesh at the same place, about a year ago, whose case was also registered by Minhaj ul Hussain but the police has not yet succeeded in arresting those terrorists. 


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