Daesh’s women wing revealed in Punjab

Daesh’s women wing revealed in Punjab

Despite continuous denial of Pakistan’s federal government Daesh’s activities in Pakistan have been going on at a large scale and after the arrest of 8 Daesh’s terrorists from Sialkot, a women wing of the terrorists organization has been revealed in Lahore. Wahhabi institutions and Wahhabi madaris have been hiring Wahhabis for Daesh. According to Express News, Superintendent of FBR has recorded his statement to intelligence agencies according to which his wife Farhana was in contact with Daesh and has also persuaded several people for joining the terror group. Sources told that when intelligence agencies raided at Wahdat colony of Lahore to arrest Farhana, she had left for Syria along with 10 other people. On the other hand, Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khaleel Ullah is of the opinion that Daesh has not yet gained foothold in Pakistan but some people have been individually using Daesh’s name.

8 people were arrested from Sialkot few days ago allegedly for having links with Daesh and provincial law minister Rana Sanaullah officially verified that terrorists had established a cell. Few days prior to this, CTD’s head Raja Umar Khattab had also revealed Daesh’s active women wing in the city and said that some educated women of well-off  families have been working on Daesh’s agenda and raids had been conducted for their arrest.


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