NED University students’ brain washed by banned organization: report

NED University students’ brain washed by banned organization: report

Shiite News: A report by a private television channel revealed that a banned organization has been brain washing students of NED University for Daesh. In a letter sent to relevant departments, it has been revealed that a banned organization is active in brain washing students of an engineering university.

It has been said in the letter that university students Farhan, Faraz, Shafqat and Abdul Haq have been brain washing other students of the University for working with terrorist organizations. It has also been revealed that these students instead of using telephone use WhatsApp and Viber to communicate with each other.

It needs to be mentioned here that Islami Jamiat e Talba and Hizb ul Tehrir have already been active in brain washing innocent students of the university and force them to work for terrorist organizations like Daesh and Taliban. They have also diverting students towards a so-called Caliphate based on brutality, inhumanity and injustices and these organizations also enjoy support of some of the University’s teachers and staff.

It should also be remembered that terrorists involved in Safoora incident in Karachi were also linked with Hizb ul Tehrir and Jamiat. In addition to this, the mastermind of the attack on a bus of Ismaili community was from IBA where he was associated with Iqra society which is a part of Islami Jamiat e Talba. 


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