Allama Shaheedi says MWM to boycott re-polling at NA-250

ameenMajlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has announced boycott of the re-polling in 43 polling stations on NA-250 and demanded re-elections in all the constituencies where the complaints of electoral fraud have been received.

“Reelections on all said constituencies be held under the supervision of Pakistan Army,” Allama Amin Shaheedi, deputy secretary general of the MWM demanded at a press conference on Saturday.

He said that the MWM’s candidates had won the elections from PS-117, PS-126 and PS-127 in Sindh and PP-82 and PP-245 in Punjab but their results were changed. Plots are hatched to change the result of the election of MWM candidate Agha Mohammad Raza in Quetta.

“Results were changed on PP-45 also. Polling agents of the MWM were not allowed to do their work in 70 polling stations from PS-33 Khairpur,” he said.

Allama Shaheedi cited that the MWM’s candidate from NA-253 Asghar Abbas Zaidi was kidnapped and detained in captivity for 7 hours. He said that women polling agents and female supporters of the MWM were harassed and thrashed at several polling stations. He said that chief polling agent and other polling agents for the MWM candidate Shakir Raujani from PS-117 were held hostage on gunpoint and were denied entry into polling stations by an ethnic party.

“Our candidate from the NA-252 Maulana Mohammad Hussain Karimi and his polling agents were thrashed and harassed on gunpoint,” he said adding that countless complaints of the rigging were received from all parts of the country including Karachi.

Therefore, he demanded that reelections be held across the country where complaints of the electoral manipulation, fraud, rigging and phony votes were received. He demanded that free and fair elections be held under army supervision otherwise there were no chances of the transparency in the electoral process.

He demanded that the new government should not be influenced by the enemies of Pakistan, global imperialism and their allies. He urged that all the pro-Pakistan projects such as Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project should be continued without any meddling from any side.


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