Funeral prayers of Shia Professionals offered at D.I.Khan

The funeral prayers of the martyrs of Thursday Shia-Genocide victims were offered at Dewra Ismail Khan ( D.I.Khan ) Khyer-PukhtoonKhawa amid tight security.

Its pertaining to mention here that four Shiite Professionals including two lawyers and two teachers were gunned down by the Saudi-funded terrorists of AhleSunnat-Wal-Jamaat (ASWJ) in two separate incidents in D.I.Khan on Thursday evening.

The funeral prayers of Shiite Lawyers Syed Atif Zaidi Advocate and Syed Ali Murtajiz Zaidi Advocate were offered at Chah Syed Munawar area of D.I.Khan in presence of hundreds of mourners where the participants of funeral prayer condemned the shia-killings in the city. They expressed their concern over the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) failure to arrest the terrorists involved in ShiaGenocide incidents. Later, martyrs were buried at local graveyard of D.I.Khan.

However, the another funeral of two Shiite teachers , Master Mukhtar Hussain and Master Akhtar Hussain were offered at their native area Muriali Mor Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.Khan ) in presence of large number of people and later both martyrs buired in the local graveyard.

Despite the recent spate of Shiite-Killings in Khyber-PukhtoonKhawa , the provincial Govt of KPK had failed to adopt the strict security measures in the province to avoid Shia-Genocide incidents in the province. its the responsibility of the Pakistan-Army to take the measures against the banned outfits to protect the precious lives and assets of Pakistan from these takfiri terrorists.


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