Shia lawyer and his two teenage son martyred in targeted attack

saqlain kausarA Shia lawyer and his two of his teenage sons were martyred when ferocious terrorists sprayed their car with volleys of bullets near Ghulaman-e-Abbas School in Karachi on Tuesday morning.
 Kausar Saqlain Khokhar was going to drop his sons namely Mohammad Abbas, 14, and Aun Abbas, 13, in Margalla Car (U-9535) to school when the takfiri nasbi terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba ambushed their car on Mauripur Road. Police said it appeared it was a targeted attack.
The injured and the bodies were rushed to the civil hospital for treatment and autopsy respectively. The lawyer succumbed to the fatal bullet injury into his head at the hospital where doctors confirmed his death.  
The eye witnesses said that the school bags of the martyr children and documents of their father were lying in the car after the targeted attack. Kausar Saqlain Khokhar is said to be a lawyer of Sindh High Court.
Shia parties and leaders have condemned the targeted murders of Shia lawyer and his two teenaged. They demanded that the caretaker and the government to be formed must take notice of genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan and launch a countrywide operation to eliminate the terrorists and their network.



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