Allama Raja Nasir hunger strike enters on 2nd Day against Shia killings

Majlis-e-Wehdatul Muslimeen (MWM) Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Hunger strike against Shia killings in Pakistan enters on 2nd day on Saturday in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

The leadership of the Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) has declared a hunger strike starting on Friday, to protest the recent wave of sectarian killings of Shia Muslims, particularly in Karachi and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Large number of MWM activists , AhleSunnat leaders, and civil society members visited the Hunger Strike Camp on 2nd Day to express solidarity with Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari and others.

A delegation led by Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) by its vice chairman Jawadul Hassan , leaders of Awami National Party Hangu district, and clerics and notables of Rawalpindi Islamabad met Allama Raja Nasir Abbas at hunger Strike camp and demanded of the Government and LEA’s to enforce the demands presented by MWM leader.

Allama Raja Nasir in his demand presented on yesterday at Islamabad ,  said: `Anti-state elements are conspiring to divide society on the basis of sect and religion, and this is the first towards the collapse of the system.

He said the party had opted for peaceful ways to highlight the community`s suffering, and would not fall into the trap laid by those conspiring against the country by reacting violently.

`These powers want us to become violent too, but it will eventually trigger civil war in Pakistan and we will never be part of any game to damage the country,` he said, adding: `At the same time we criticise the authorities for failing to protect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Mr Abbas lashed out at the KP government`s response to a surge in target killings over the last six months.

`The PTI government has not even condemned the sectarian killings, besides, the recent shooting of peaceful protestors by the FC in Parachinar is deplorable,` he said.

He also demanded action under the National Action Plan against proscribed outfits active under new names, and the transfer of cases related to attacks on imambargahs and processions to the military courts. The MWM leader also demanded a commission over the recent killings by Frontier Corps in Parachinar and called for legal action against the political agent and assistant political agent.  


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