Hunger Strike Reaches Lahore | Rally Announced from Press Club to Assembly Hall, Lahore

LAHORE: A number of clerics of Aima Jumma wa Jamaat o Madaris Diniya (AJJMD) on Saturday gathered outside press club Lahore protesting the on-going oppression against shiites in Pakistan. They pledged allegiance to MWM’s Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, praising his unprecedented Hunger Strike which continues for the past 16 days (today).

AJJMD’s prominent leaders, in a press conference, said that governments conceit is evident paying no heed to the matter. They alleged that State-Actors’ ulterior motive are sabotaging both the National Action Plan and Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb was to curb the menace of terrorism from Pakistan and was considered result oriented, they exclaimed that despite it being operational terrorism prevails with recent incidents indicating militancy targeting segments in a meticulous fashion.

They questioned the governments intent in patronizing certain parties that have been termed proscribed in the past. They claimed that the regime is hindering the path of true democracy by flaunting extremist ideology in Pakistan through militancy.

They professed to bring out a rally in “Solidarity with the Oppressed” on Sunday from press club to Assembly Hall, Lahore.

Leaders from various sects were present on the occasion some prominent names of AJJMD included Allama Mubarak Hussain Moosavi, Allama Abuzar Mehdavi, Allama Syed Haider Moosavi, Allama Dr Muhammad Younis Haideri, Allama Hussain Najafi, Allama Hasan Hamdani, Allama Syed Bashir Najafi, Allama Imtiaz Kazmi, Allama Muhammad Iqbal Kamrani, Maulana Syed Munir Rizvi, Maulana Muhammad Khan Mehdavi, Maulana Mazhar Hussain Jafri, Maulana Nazim Itrati, Maulana Syed Razi Moosavi, Maulana Muhammad Raza Abidi and many more.

They exclaimed that they stand with Allama Nasir’s cause and will remain till their demands are met. Salient demands were gathered from Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen’s press release:

1. Merciless action be taken against terrorists around Pakistan involved in Shia target kiling.
2. State and Military establishment to break their silence and take practical measures against perpetrators involved in shia genocide.
3. Action to be taken against proscribed outfits, as well of the ones that have changed their party names and still operational.
4. All cases to be filed in Military Courts pertaining to Shia killing in particular Shikarpur incidents, Jacobabad incidents, Chillas incidents, Babusar incidents, Hayatabad incidents, Ashura incidents, Rawalpindi incidents, and a few other reported in Karachi.
5. Forces to ensure security of all religions, sects, factions against Takfiri terrorists.
6. Punjab government to abolish their anti-shia policies; no last minute sanctions on azadari-e-Imam Hussain, FIRs and travel restriction to be revoked against shia Zakirs, names to be annulled from forth schedule of shia prominence.
7. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to abide by their promise and practical measures to curb terrorism.
8. A commission to made to investigate the recent killing of innocent shias at the hands of Frontier Constabulary in Parachinar, legal action be taken against Commandant Kurram Agency, Political Agent Ikram Ullah and assistant political agent Shahid Ali.
9. Action be taken against land grabbers trying to change the demographics in Gilgit Baltistan and Parachinar, usurping land from innocent shiites in the region.
10. Action be taken against the conspiracy of land segregation on sectarian basis.
11. SHO Rao Khalid and DSP Hafiz Imtiaz be immediately dismissed for their brutality against Shiite women in the vicinity of Tanda Chak Police Station Gujrat.


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