21st Day of Hunger Strike , Allama Raja Nasir vows to Continue struggle for Pakistan

The Hunger Strike of leading Shiite Cleric Allama Raja Nasir Abbas on Thursday entered on the 21st Consecutive day against the killings of Shiite Muslims in Pakistan, Inaction of Government and Law Enforcement Agencies and plot to divide Pakistan on sectarian ground.

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, a cardiac and diabetic patient , is despite his illness continued his hunger strike from last 21 days , though , the doctors recommended him for rest but the courageous and high spirit leader refused their suggestions and still sitting on Hunger Strike amid bad weather and health conditions.

MWM Secretary General Allama Raja Nasir in his discussion with delegates and meeting with MWM Central Cabinet said that terrorism in the country has taken the shape of cancer, peace in the country cannot be established until it is not treated. Rulers has diverted the focus of National Action Plan and stabbed in the back of public. He said that he is struggling for all oppressed people of the country and want Jinnah Pakistan.

Referring to the deadlock with Federal and Punjab Government’s, He said that he knows that PML-N regime has declined to accept our demands but We want to tell him that we are sitting here in the protest till the acceptance of our demands.

He said that People are asking me to start a protest march towards Islamabad, for how long I can stop them. We are peaceful people, our movement is peaceful, and we only said this that accepts our demands. If we have to continue this movement for 100 days then we will do that. Shahbaz Sharif has to withdraw baseless FIRs registered in Punjab against Azadars (mourners of Imam Hussain a.s.). He has to annul the ban on Khutba o Zakireen. He has to start operation against banned outfits. Unless neck of rulers under the feet of public, they do not budge.

Allama Nasir Abbas said that our movement is for Shia and Sunni. Cases are registered against reciters of Darood o Salam and organizers of Azadari Syed ul Shohda under the pretext of National Action Plan. Allama Nasir Abbas Jaffri made it clear in his address that there are no political objective of this movement, this movement is not to fall any government and we will not become part of any undemocratic act. Our movement is only for getting our rights. Give us our rights! We will end our protest.


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