Saudi Ambassadors Visit Brings Banned Outfits Return to Pakistan

Peace was about to prevail in Pakistan when Saudi Ambassador arrives and whirls about a new racquet in Pakistan. Difa-e-Pakistan have once again emerged in Pakistan with the same proscribed leadership as earlier. Their ulterior motives same i.e. destabilize Pakistan but under the pretext of condemning recent drone attacks.

Jamaat ud Dawa have provided militants a platform to fall-in. Difa-e-Pakistan council stands as a podium where all banned outfits gather to portray themselves as patriots of Pakistan. The same outfits are well known for their extremist ideologies working against the interest of the country.
In the guise of condemning drone attacks by US and India’s involvement in Pakistan, the council has carried intense massacres in Pakistan, killing scores.

Punjab is currently witnessing rallies of the council led by the same proscribed leaders of banned outfits that Pakistan has barred a number of years ago. They are openly announcing rallies and conferences across Pakistan, which the government has yet to take notice of. The areas identified indicate States patronage in their programs. Certain ministers are seen along with these banned leaders in these programs, highlighting the regimes involvement in either their vest interests or anti-state policy.

Civil and Military establishment, for a number of years, have tried defending Pakistan from the menace of terrorism. Over the years Pakistan has fought against them and identified them, banned their organization across the world, proclaiming them as militants.

The same militants today establish “Difa-e-Pakistan Council”, come forth and freely roam the streets of Pakistan. They have mass gatherings, hold conferences, take out rallies, call for million march, etc without any fear of the stake holders. The writ of the government prevails, yet these proscribed outfits stand free in precincts across the country. Their hatcheries remain and so does their products across Pakistan. Any voice against them is somehow silenced, either through the same terrorist network or their patrons in the working bodies known as civil establishment.
These organizations have a trend of hate speeches in Friday procession riling up rallies for their anti-Pakistan vested interests. Friday prayer bring numbers to the mosque and these extremist elements exploit them through these speeches.


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