200 Zaireens Left Stranded at Taftan Border | Women and Children Feel Unconscious

Around more than 200 Zaireen from Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are left stranded at Taftan Border. Rough surroundings, weather conditions are having a toll on innocent children and women suffering extreme heat.

According to reports received, Maulana Syed Ali Gohar Naqvi said that Zaireens’ coming from across Pakistan are stuck amid Taftan border as they await NOC from Pakistani Government. They are left under the desolate sky for days under extreme conditions with no water or shelter. Women and children fell unconscious due these state of affairs.

Syed Ali said that we are yet to receive any solace from the government, despite several appeals made to the concerned authorities. The government is said to have arranged these NOC prior their arrival at the border.

Leader of another expedition coming from Larkana, Khairbaksh Baloch said that they remain stranded for the past four days and yet to see any consolation from the government authorities. The affected have decided to protest by blocking the main artery going into Taftan.


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