‘Stop Shia Genocide’ and I will walk away; Allama Nasir told the Govt

Fifty Five days since Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen (MWM) Leader Allama Raja Nasir Abbas is on a Hunger strike with his basic demand ‘Stop Shia Genocide’, in front of Islamabad Press Club.

MWM chief had already given the government an ultimatum that should his demands were not met, a nationwide revolution should be anticipated after EID to include long marches, sit-in, road blocks, etc.

This brought the government to commence talks with the grieved leader. An initial round in the early days failed to reach consensus, and did the latest. Government in guise, have approached Allama Raja Nasir Abbas from varied quarters to withdraw his demands or to negotiate.

Allama Nasir has confirmed that there are no ultierior motives of his hungers strike. He said that once his demands are met and a practical implementation of the government is seen, he will give up on his hunger strike.


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