Statement of Saudi Prince Disgusts Muslims Across the World; Hamas

Organizations for Liberation of Palestine and Hamas condemned the statement of Saudi prince al-Faisal terming it as disgrace to the muslim ummah, according to Al-Youm Palestine.

According to news received, Hamas and Palestine Liberation out rightly condemn the statement of Saudi prince and former Turkish Intelligence chief al-Faisal terming it outrageous. They said that the world stands well aware of their movement against the Zionist State-Israel. Al-Faisal’s statement reveal their allegiance with the Zionist regime, working for their advantage against the Palestinian nation. Palestinians stand disgusted over the speech that humiliates muslims in a discerning fashion.

Turkish Intelligence chief al-Faisal addressed an anti-Islam organization Mujahideen Khalq at Paris, alleged that Iran is disrupting the harmony in the region by supporting Hammas and Jihad-e-Islami in Palestine.


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