High Alert for Karachi ! Militants have Entered the City

Pakistan’s metropolis and economic hub Karachi, once again at the verge of terrorism.

Law enforcement agencies (LEA) have issued a threat alert for the city suspecting an attack in the region.

The alert states around 14 militants have reached Karachi to disrupt the peace through a terrorist attack. The report suggests that security be upped for educational institutions under the administration of forces, of shopping centers, Parks, Mosques and markets including important venues around the city.

Previously, LEA had already issued a high alert requesting security to be increased for important venues against a threat of high intense.

It is pertinent to mention here that being Pakistan’s economic hub, a cosmopolitan city and port city; Karachi is of immense and strategic interest for not only the county but for international players. Lest it be state or non-state actors, disrupting the peace of Karachi brings a negative impact on the country itself. According to reports, a number of assets in numbers remain in the city of CIA, FBI, MI5, RAW, Mosad etc.


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